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Credit Analysis

A full suite of intelligence that help you improve your credit score

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  • Superior Technology
  • Corrections and Updates
  • Improve Credit Rating
  • Score Optimization
  • Past Performance
  • Custom Scenarios

Your Credit is valuable

Protect your identity get credit monitoring today

We provide credit monitoring to protect your identity

  • 24/7 portal access
  • Alerts Protection
  • Updates
  • Identity Protection
  • Tracking detection
  • Score Tracker
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Credit Repair

We Help You Improve Your Credit Score and
repair the damage

We Provide

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  • Public Records
  • Tax Liens
  • Foreclosures
  • Identity Theft Accounts
  • Inaccurate Information
  • Collections
  • Repossessions
  • Late Payments
  • Unverifiable Accounts
  • Charge Offs



We provide credit restoration solutions that can help you build your credit scores and maximize your financial future. Our comprehensive process help you manage costs, accelerate turnaround time, and improve efficiency while maintaining the best quality solutions. Over 7 years experience, exceptional services, results and satisfied clients. Our support Team is ready to answer your questions about credit services.

Credit Analysis

Get a comprehensive credit analysis of your entire credit history and what impacts your credit scores

Credit Monitoring

Helping you protect your credit information, alerts, and changes to your credit report.

Credit Repair

Remove derogatory inaccurate and unverifiable accounts.

Credit Builder

Establish new, positive credit to help improve your credit profile.

Services We Offer

Add Actionable Insight to Your Credit History
SCORE BOOSTERS provides comprehensive solutions designed to help you improve your credit scores. Learn more

Request your Free Consultation and Credit Analysis

Credit Report

Our credit analyst will explain the process, how it works, options and plans we offer to help you reach your financial goals. We will review negative items like inaccurate accounts, outdated information, personal information, collections, charge-offs, tax liens, judgments and late payments that may be hurting your credit score. We will guide you as to what types of positive credit accounts should be applied for to increase your scores at the fastest rate possible.

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As leaders in the credit repair industry Score Boosters help address credit report errors.
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Credit Analysis

First step to rebuild your credit score. We offer superior technology to identify positive and negative factors. Best actions, Score optimizations, Corrections and Updates; much more
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Credit Monitoring

3-bureau credit monitoring

Monitor all 3 credit bureaus to give you information to help protect your identity and make informed financial decisions.

Credit monitoring alerts give you protection and detections that protect your identity. By monitoring all 3 credit bureaus, you have a wider view of your credit history and scores.

Credit Repair

We will dispute all of the negative items on your credit report ALL three credit bureaus. The federal law called the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) governs the error correcting responsibilities of credit bureaus. Specifically, the FCRA provides that the credit bureau must update and correct “inaccurate or unverifiable” information within a reasonable time.

Collections. Charge Offs. Repossessions. Foreclosures. Short Sales. Judgments. Late Payments. Public Records. Tax Liens. Identity Theft Accounts. Unverifiable Accounts. Inaccurate Information.

Credit Builder

We help you to establish new and positive credit that build your credit scores.

How It Works

Upon enrollment you will complete an online form by using the Get Started tab and upload your personal identification. The sooner this 3-step process is completed, the quicker we can mail your dispute letters. Next, we  analyze and prepare to evaluate your credit reports thoroughly. The accounts that is affecting your credit history will be identified and included on dispute letters for each credit bureau. These letters will be sent by mail for the quickest results, can be downloaded and printed through your email account. Once you have received your dispute letters, please review and contact us for modifications. You will receive updates  from the bureaus. For the best results, please forward each updated report to us for tracking derogatory items removed from your credit report successfully.  We can then update your online account and will automatically send dispute letters to you every sixty days until your service expires.

Credit Monitoring

Monitoring your credit can help you identify fraud and prevent surprises when you are applying  for credit. You can stay informed of any changes with updated reports  every 30 days. Customized alerts about inquiries and accounts, and changes about personal information and suspicious activity.

Free Credit Evaluation

This 30-minute phone consultation is designed for anyone that would like to speak with our Credit Analysis Specialist directly. We will go over your credit report with you and how we can help you achieve your financial goals.

We Help You Make Smart Financial Decisions

Credit Analysis

We provide a suite of superior technology that help customers improve their financial opportunities. Score Boosters 101 Credit Essentials provides helpful insights, predictions and more thorough credit analysis. We help uncover credit factors that impacts your credit scores.

Credit Repair

Credit repair is a step process that focus on auditing your credit report and finding negative items to dispute errors. You will provide a copy of your credit report once you have enrolled into credit monitoring services. We will help you understand your credit factors and create a plan targeting negative impacts.


You will see a summary of information we have disputed when you access your client portal and check status updates. Generally, it can take 30-45 days once items have been disputed with your creditor and credit bureau.


Results completed within 30 days You can login into your client portal 24/7 access and check for any updates, disputes, and deletions when you become a client with our company. If you have any general questions or concerns, please contact us (800) 714-9697

Learn How You Can Get A Copy of Your Credit Report

You are entitled to request a copy of your credit report to challenge inaccurate errors. We can help you order your credit reports and scores.


Over 40 million Americans have inaccurate errors on their credit reports that is unfair credit reports. We pride ourselves to maintain standards and professionalism in an ever-changing credit repair industry. As leaders, we focus on the credit laws in place to ensure that your creditors are adhering to the FCRA (Fair Credit (FCRA and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act).

Credit Analysis

We help our customers make smart financial decisions to bridge the gap between creditors and borrowers.

Credit Repair

We provide the best actions to remove derogatory accounts
Collections. Charge Offs. Repossessions. Foreclosures. Short Sales. Judgements. Late Payments. Public Records. Tax Liens. Identity Theft Accounts. Unverifiable Accounts. Inaccurate Information.

Credit Builder

We help you to establish new and positive credit that build your credit scores.


Our services are founded on commitment, dedication, and professionalism to provide you the best possible service with No Upfront Fees.
We charge only for work that is fully completed. With us… you only pay for what you get!

Credit Analysis
3-bureau merged credit report
Superior Technology
Score Optimization
Past Performance
Improve Credit Rating
Score Optimization
Corrections and Updates
Credit Repair
Public Records
Tax Liens
Late Payments
Identity Theft Accounts
Unverifiable Accounts
Inaccurate Information
Credit Builder
Up to $60,000 Personal Lines Credit
Maximizes Your Credit Scores
5 to 10 Years Seasonal Lines